Caring For AxolotlsEdit

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A pet Axolotl

To care for an axolotl, the very first most important thing for them is the tank. The tank must be over 15 gallons, because if it is too small, the axolotl won't have much space to grow in. The tank also must hold enough water (More water than the axolotl's height). The second most important thing is water. Since axolotls have very sensitive skin, they die if the water holds salt, is polluted, or is too dirty. The water must be completely fresh and clean. Do not use tap water unless you leave it out for a few days before you put in the axolotl. Shrimp is is a useful animal for axolotls because they are a good food source and cleans. The third most important thing is food. With the wrong food source, you could lead the axolotl to sickness. Axolotls are carnivorous, so they eat shrimp, worms, fish, and more meat. If you are keeping fish in your tank, it could be a problem. Fish may eat the axolotl's gills. Worms can also be a problem. If the worm is too big, it may not let the axolotl eat it all and make it give up. Each food source must be meat and moving.


Jen Macke 2012 Simple Tank-20120212-151643

A Simple Setup for One Axolotl

  1. Homemade mesh lid (removed for photograph)
  2. Thermometer
  3. Hang-on-back filter;
  4. Rock to disperse the filter outflow;
  5. Artificial plants;
  6. Hide area;
  7. Bare tank bottom (no gravel).

This is an aquarium of dimensions 50 cm long x 25 cm wide x 25 cm tall (20 x 10 x 10 inches; standard 10 gallons). It has no lighting, but does normally have a lid to prevent leaping. The hides consist of a pot and artificial plants. The filter is a hang-on-back waterfall filter, and the outflow is dispersed by a rock to prevent a current. No bottom substrate is used.