This page documents an Official Policy on Axolotls Wiki.
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This policy in a Nutshell

Chatroom Rules Edit

  • All Wikia Policies are in effect within the chatroom, but most notably applicable are: Assume Good Faith, Prohibited Content and Spelling & Grammar.
  • Members are expected to treat others with respect and assume actions are well intentioned until proven otherwise (IE: Refusal to comply with rules when violations are brought to the individual's attention)
  • Members are expected to user proper spelling and grammar to the best of their abilities. This means exclusive use of net-speak/chat-speak are forbidden (the occasional things like lol or brb is acceptable).
  • All are in effect within the chatroom, but most notably applicable are:
  • Role playing is not permitted within the chatroom
  • Advertising is forbidden in the chatroom. You may offer URLs if people ask for a specific site type, but no recruiting.
  • Please clear any spoilered conversations with the individuals in the chatroom beforehand, and warn individuals newly entering that spoiler material is being discussed.
  • No personal attacks (aka the No personal attacks Wikipedia Policy).
  • No disruptive behavior. IE: Spamming, flooding, etc.
  • Chat contents should maintain no higher than a PG rating. As users younger than 13 would violate COPPA, and Anonymous members may not enter the chat, the G rating of the general wiki is raised for purposes of the chatroom.